We are our Families’ “trusted partners”, in charge of the:

  • coordination all or part of the projects or interests you wish to delegate or outsource,
  • supervision and monitoring of the projects carried out by your wealth managers (fund managers, bankers, insurers, lawyers, staff, etc.)
  • resolution of any issues that may affect your business, financial or matrimonial interests (business, assets or family),

We coordinate, monitor, document and provide you with adequate feedback to help you make informed decisions while also helping save you precious time. Once the decision has been made, we ensure implementation and follow-up.


  • Our family investor identity
  • Our critical mass and ability to pool interests, costs and experience
  • Our international network of asset managers, advisors and families, patiently built up over time
  • Our team of highly experienced professionals serving some of the main European Families
  • Our resources and information systems
La Fontaine


  • AMF accreditation (French financial markets regulator),
    Financial Investment Advisor E003067
  • ACPR accreditation (French banking and insurance supervisor),
    Intermédiaire en Assurances ORIAS 10057135
  • Member of the National Association of Financial Advisors,