• founding partners
  • experts dedicated to each Family, working as a team to support a family officer tandem
  • 15 Families residing in 6 countries, who have entrusted us with their financial and/or wealth management supervision
  • 38 operating staff who can be called on whenever necessary
  • 25M€ in assets under supervision for each family at least
  • 100 qualified, experienced and tested international service providers: fund managers, banks, insurers, lawyers, notaries, chartered accountants, experts in strategy, advisors on governance and on business intelligence, investigators, etc.


  • Our family investor identity
  • Our critical mass and ability to pool interests, costs and experience
  • Our international network of asset managers, advisors and families, patiently built up over time
  • Our team of highly experienced professionals serving some of the main European Families
  • Our resources and information systems
La Fontaine


  • AMF accreditation (French financial markets regulator),
    Financial Investment Advisor E003067
  • ACPR accreditation (French banking and insurance supervisor),
    Intermédiaire en Assurances ORIAS 10057135
  • Member of the National Association of Financial Advisors,